Ray Heere (1975) is a Contemporary (digital) artist from the Netherlands. “For me, the journey started back in 1984 with my introduction to the graphics software called Koala Painter on the Commodore 64 home computer. As a kid being able to create digital drawings using an Arcade joystick and a home computer with only to have 16 colors available, but loving it to experiment with digital pixels and colors”.
Growing up in a creative family with parents who were professional artists also gave him the opportunity to develop his painting and airbrush skills at a very young age. His professional career as an artist began in 1991 with his first commissioned work and the sale of several paintings during his first solo exhibition at a Railway Museum in the Netherlands.
From 1998 to 2002 he worked as a designer and illustrator in the advertising and publishing industry. During this period he took his first real steps as a 3D designer and digital artist. Since the last 25 years his career has taken a turn towards 3D architectural design and Contemporary (digital) art. “Being able to combine artwork, 3D techniques and artificial intelligence software, has given me the opportunity to explore my creativity, ultimately leading to exciting new insights that can help me further develop and express myself as an artist.”

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Ray Heere has a contract with Art Licensing International, inc. from the United States.

Art Licensing International represents Ray’s artwork worldwide.